isMAT Hazmat & CBRN Protective Suit

The Best Protection
Protecting soldiers and responders against Chemical and Biological threats is key in enabling them to fulfill their mission. Finding a balance between protection, the burden of wearing protective equipment and logistics is the main challenge. isMAT is the CBRNe Protective suit concept by Homeland DefSec. The isMAT concept is a new way of approaching CBRNe Personal Protective Equipment characterized by a guaranteed high quality, while offering the lowest pricing.

  • isMAT Classic is our standard suit and is comparable with suits in use by soldiers of NATO member countries. It is meant for soldiers and responders who need full protection against a reasonable price.
  • isMAT Lite is the perfect solution for Special Forces, SWAT teams and other military and civil first responders that always need to be prepared for a CBRN hazard.
  • isMAT UltraLite is our lightest suit meant for responders that don their suit when they encounter a CBRN hazard. This is the lightest suit in the industry, and offers protection against all CBRN hazards.