Discern® HME Detection Kit

The Warrior's Kit
The NEW Discern® HME Detection Kit from Serim Research rapidly identifies multiple compounds commonly used in homemade explosives with a simple point of use testing system. This detection kit combines the simplicity of a single test with a sophisticated colorimetric detection process that easily distinguishes between various fertilizer compounds, Peroxide, Chlorate, or Perchlorate based HME’s. Mixing, spraying and using hazardous liquids commonly required for other chemistry kit detection systems are not necessary with this unique system. The Discern HME Detection Kit can be easily used by all EOD and First Responders without the need for specialized training.
  • No hazardous/corrosive liquids
  • Safer handling through desensitized samples
  • Use with solid or liquid samples
  • 18-month shelf life
  • Cost effective
  • Portable, single-use and bulk kits available

The Discern HME detection kit provides a quick and convenient test method that detects and distinguishes between various Nitrate fertilizers, Chlorate, Perchlorate, and Peroxide based HME’s (Home-made Explosives). The test device is based on Serim’s colorimetric test strip technology, widely applied in industrial, medical and scientific fields to detect any number of substances.

A video showing how to use the Discern HME kit can be found on Youtube